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Cimarron Zorse #34 - TotemHero* by TalonV
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PeaFrie Foals - II by TalonV
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B-442 Design Holder - Desert EB by TalonV
Fulger foal 228 by TalonV
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Hototo Lines - Mare 1 Trans. by TalonV
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Ar'Teo with Tack - Lines by TalonV
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Dromedary Camel by TalonV
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As Red as Blood by TalonV
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Shelby Cheyenne
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
That photo up there? Tis me; about ten years ago.

Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock & Celtic
Favourite style of art: Don't have a favorite, like 'em all.
Operating System: Windows 7
Personal Quote: Light always shines brighter in the dark.

Friendship Charms:

Thought this might be interesting.... X'3

Talon aka Me aka T:
Hiya Roughshod, glad you could join us. I have a few questions I'd like to ask, if that's alright
with you. First off.... you're a spy in the Con's ranks, working for the Autobots, correct?

Roughshod aka RS: Seeing how I'm always here in your head, dear author, of course I could join you. *winks*
Though, for the sake of your watchers... and my fans... I'd be happy to answer your no doubt myriad of
questions. Yes, I am a spy.

What do you think about that line of work?

RS:.... I'm... doing what must be done to save this planet and the organic inhabitants, not to mention my other
Autobot friends, but... I... do not enjoy lying, not to my old friend Crosswind, nor to my newer friend, Happy

T: Speaking of Happy Flower aka HF, what do you think about him?

RS: The hippie is a mess, complete with a whole 'nother mess of issues... and his vocation, well, it... isn't the best
either, but I don't think he's all that bad, just.... been in a bad crowd for too long, and got used to it. He is extremely
loyal to Megatron though, as in obsessively so.... I.... don't even want to think about what he'd do to me if he found
out the truth.... what I was really doing here. Especially knowing his... specialty.

T: What do you think of your recent interesting... adventures with HF? Would you mind giving us a short recap?

RS: Oh good Primus.... where do I begin? First off, the
cable mutation attack in the lab, the event which started
the whole thing... was Knock Out's fault completely; his experiments nearly got both of us offlined, so no, he doesn't
rank very high on my favorite Cons list. Then HF had to go and do the dumbest thing imaginable, linking himself with
the obviously Dark Energon mutated monstrousity. We all know where that led. He lost his sight and I lost a lot of
energon, which led to us cooperating in an
embarrassing way to get to the doc's office, in which Knock Out got a
rather nasty
surprise. One I got not too long after I woke back up after being in stasis. It... was a shocker for sure,
but.. it wasn't too bad until that fraggin
tongue showed up. Okay, so I admit I freaked, but that didn't last as long as
it should have, because once HF had told me for the... second?... time that he couldn't control what his new maw did,
got gutsy and showed him how. Once I had FINALLY managed to get him safely hid away in the distant part of
the ship, he goes and mentions he's hungry, so... I go and risk my spark and servo to get him a crate of energon, and
when I get back, he goes and tries to attack me. Somehow, just when there was no doubt that I in my weakened state
would not be able to get away, he offlines his legs.... and tells me to hit him in the head. Needless to say, I do, and it
worked to cause a restart. He got his sight back, and also his processor.... luckily. When everything settled down a short
time later, I was finally able to get even.... HF got to see his new makeover; it was hilarious.

As to what I think about it.... what do you think? Half the time I was scared out of my processor, and the rest of the time
I was only half-scared out of my processor.

T: What about the most recent development? Happy Hoof?

RS: D'aaah... well.... er.... yeah, that was... unexpected. There was an... incident... in the cloning lab with a protoform
and some... wayward coding. Happy Hoof was the result of that... incident. Don't get me wrong, that little tyke is the best
thing that's happened in megacycles, and Aerin, my human friend, loves him to death... when she can sneak around HF. It's
just been.... a bit awkward, is all.

T: And what about this Mama-Roughsod business?

RS: That's the awkward part. -_-; It's.... not quite so hard when I keep in mind that it stems from my nature of being kind,
watchful, oh, and did I mention responsible? I suppose that leads many to think along the terms of "motherly".... and as long
as they keep to that line of thought, I don't think I'd raise a fuss, as you humans say. But... if it gets any more... "awkward",
then I don't think I'd like that all too much. :/

T: How do you think HF is taking this?

RS: Pfft, it's all good and fun for him.... mostly. He didn't take too well to the after-effects of his mutation; not being able to
roam the ship really got to him once...

T: And how's he taking to Happy Hoof?

RS: He loves the tyke; in fact, he has a blast with him. And he gets a total kick out of this Mama-RS business, if you're curious.

T: That's all I have for you at the moment; thanks Roughshod. ^_^ Would you like to answer any questions from your fans, or
anyone else for that matter?

RS: Of course! Ask away!

I tag Okami-Haru to try this with Happy Flower. X3
I also tag earthbutt as the Mama-RS starter. XP


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